For Foreign Customers

Buying Office:

  • Business schedule programming
  • Trip and stay arrangement
  • Fashion trend product sourcing
  • Fashion business consulting

Private Label:

  • Brand And Product Projecting & Consulting
  • Product Development
  • Manifacturer Search & Follow Trough


  • Terms and payment negotiation
  • Business follow trough
  • Shipping and consolidating shipment care
  • Orders and payment check

Representative Agency:

  • Total care on behalf of the customer of all aspect of the business


  • Experience into deals, skills into achieve goals and aquisitions


Great strategy build great brands


  • Fashion business strategy consulting
  • Brand & product projecting
  • Sales organization & management
  • Export Management/Consultant
  • Collection project / Technical consulting for sale implement
  • Product manager
  • Manifacturer sourcing and production quality control
  • Monobrand shop functional project consulting


Fourth generation in this business with experience in various fields

  • Owner and manager of 4 stores selling man/woman/kid fashion clothing, accessories and footwear, buying expertize.
  • Multi brand representative sale agent for fashion clothing, accessories and footwear in Italy and abroad. Showrooms: Cattolica, Milano, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kobe.
  • Exclusive worldwide Export manager for Italian brands - medium-high level women's clothing and accessories and high level footwear for men and women, showrooms, sale show world wide.
  • Experience of selection of contractors manifacturer producers, contracts and production control in Hong Kong
  • Buying Office of fashion clothing, acessories, footwear, ceramics and furniture.
  • Manager and owner of a 605 square meter multi ethnic restaurant - disco bar – experience into food and wine.
  • Sourcing, brokerage, production control, for Italian factories producing apparel in Bulgaria.
  • Owner, Ceo and brand manager, production of a brand of women's shirts medium-high level line, sale manager, style and construction of the collection.
  • Evaluation activities of companies, negotiations for the sale of brands and Italian companies, evaluation of inputs in corporate capital, acquisition of real estate, brokerage for marketing aimed at China.
  • Sourcing companies/brand to be proposed for the Chinese market.
  • Sourcing for apparel production companies made in Italy with customer label (Private Label).


Luigi Grandicelli

Via U. Comandini, 7
47841 Cattolica (RN) ITALY

mob. +39 335 353056
fax. +39 0541 960640


P.IVA: 01149490417